Roles as an helper


Description: This role is related to welcoming the clients to the group, ensuring that they have completed their forms – if it is their first visit of the season, and receiving the fees if appropriate.
As part of the reception, clients are logged so that they can be scheduled for the experience they wish to enjoy. Sometimes this requires liaising with the Senior Instructor to ensure the capability is there.
Required Skills: None


Description: Can you make a nice cup of tea or coffee? This role is mainly making the drinks and ensuring the clients and helpers are fed and watered!
Required Skills: Ability to make teas, coffees, and pass round biscuits.

Launching and recovery

Description: Depending on the boat, this can require being chest height in the water (we do have a couple of pairs of chest waders), or it can be helping catch or release a dinghy or powerboat.
Required Skills: None

Boat Rigging/ Packing away

Description: This roles relates to helping set up the boats for an evening and packing them away. There are always a number of people who are familiar with the boats who can help.
Required Skills: None

Safety Boat

Description: Driving around the lake, helping boats in and out, as well as checking on boats on the water to ensure they are happy and not in need of some help.
Required Skills: RYA Powerboat Level 2, minimum, plus we are required to check driving skills each season.

Powerboat Helm

Description: Taking clients out for cruises around the lake in one of the powerboats (currently a Pioner or the Committee Boat).
Required Skills: RYA Powerboat Level 2, minimum, plus we are required to check driving skills each season.

Dinghy Helm

Description: Being a dinghy helm allows a helper to take clients out sailing, and if appropriate, giving guidance to a client, so they can sail.
Required Skills: Demonstration of competent sailing skills.


Description: The hoists are used to lift clients from a wheelchair (or occasionally from standing) into a boat – or vice versa. The client will use a sling, and the fitting of the sling and the hoisting are important to get right, so the client is comfortable, and doesn’t slip out of the sling!
Required Skills: To hoist, it requires the helper to have been checked by the Senior Instructor each season on each hoist and sling they will be using.

Wheelchair loading

Description: This role is to secure the wheelchairs into the powerboats. There is a
Required Skills: It is required that the helper has been trained on how to fit the clamps to ensure they are fixed correctly.

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