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What can a helper do?

There are a number of different roles with BSCSG, but we encourage helpers to find things they enjoy doing (combined with where we need help during a session) and we will try to accommodate what a helper would like to do. Please see the Roles tab found under Helpers for an idea of the types of roles we have.

Helper clothing?

The clothing requirements depends on the role – so if indoors, then no special clothing is required. If you are a sailor or powerboat driver, then you should wear clothing appropriate to the activity – with the caveat that it can get cool in the evenings.

If you would like to help launch boats, and are not familiar with such activities, then we will offer guidance, and can recommend what to wear – early in the season, unless you have a wetsuit or drysuit, or waders, don’t think about going in the water! Later in the season, shorts may be fine!

Anyone going on, or near the water will need to wear a buoyancy aid, which BSCSG can provide.

We want you to enjoy your time with us, so if it is cold, on the water it will feel even colder, so wrap up warmly if you feel the cold, and perhaps have layers, so you can stay comfortable.

If the weather is moist, if you have waterproof trousers and jacket, that would be good, but if you anticipate it to be damp, you can always remove layers. We would also suggest having a change of warm clothes.

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